Chapters 5-8
Chapters 5-8 E-mail

The Great Divorce


As you read the next section, continue to fill in the chart and add to your list of biblical allusions.

1.  Why might the Bishop in ch. 5 prefer questions to answers?

2.  What does Lewis imply by the Bowler Hat Ghost setting out "on his via dolorosa to the bus, carrying his torture"?

3.  The Hard-Bitten Ghost is wary of being taken in by the management of heaven.  When a person is habitually cynical, what is he really afraid of?

4.  The Hard-Bitten Ghost asks, "Why don't the ‘chaps up here ... attack and sweep the Town out of existence?  They've got the strength.  If they wanted to rescue us they could do it.'"  How would you respond?

5.  Why did the ghost in ch. 8 not want to be seen?  What did the Bright Spirit recommend?

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