Chapters 1-4
Chapters 1-4 E-mail

The Great Divorce

Questions for the entire book

1.  As you read through the book, complete the chart (in a separate file).  This will help you keep the various ghosts straight.

2.  Lewis makes reference to scripture passages periodically throughout the book.  For example, in ch. 9, the Teacher explains how the solid people try to save some of the ghosts, concluding, "And it would be no use come further even if it were possible."  This is similar to a parable Jesus told about the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:31.  What other biblical allusions do you find?

Questions for chapters 1-4

3.  What do we learn about the narrator?

4.  Describe time and distance (spatial relationships) in the grey town.  What causes people to live so far apart?

5.  Lewis employs several metaphors throughout the book in contrasting heaven and hell.  E.g. light v. dark; solid people v. ghosts.  What others do you find?  How do these metaphors underscore the differences between heaven and hell?

6.  Do you think the Big Man deserved to be in heaven more than Len, the murderer?  Why or why not?  Did the Big Man "get his rights"?  Did Len?


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