Chapter 2 - Likings and Loves for the Sub-Human
Chapter 2 - Likings and Loves for the Sub-Human E-mail

The Four Loves

Chapter 2 -- Likings and Loves for the Sub-Human

  • 1. Into what two classes does Lewis divide pleasures? List an example he gives of each and add an example of your own.

  • 2. What caution does Lewis give us as we begin to consider classes of pleasures? Do you agree?

  • 3. What does Lewis observe about the comments people make regarding Need-pleasures and Appreciative pleasures?

  • 4. What happens to Need-pleasures once they are satisfied? What about our Need-love for God?

  • Nature

  • 5. What does Lewis think of Nature as a teacher? What does Lewis mean by saying nature provides us "a language of images"?

  • 6. List some of the limitations of nature.

  • 7. What happens when the love of nature becomes excessive?


  • 8. Why should we keep a wary eye on our love for country?

    9. Describe the first ingredient of patriotism - the love of home. What makes this a fairly healthy form of love of country?

  • 10. What are the healthy and dangerous sides to the second ingredient - attitude toward our country's past?

  • 11. What often results when a nation considers itself superior to others?

  • 12. Lewis contends that in the absence of patriotism, citizens can be motivated to sacrifice for their country only by appeal to ethical or moral values such as justice or humanity. He considers this a step down. Why? Do you agree?


Sidney and the dying soldier:  Elizabethan poet and knight.  Despite a burning thirst, Sir Philip Sidney refused a cup of water in favor of it going to a dying soldier.  He is reputed as saying, "Thy need is greater than mine."

iconography:  a pictorial representation or illustration of a subject

theodicy:  a defense of God's goodness, justice, and omnipotence in view of the existence of evil

Amritsar:  site of a 1919 massacre where British troops fired on unarmed Indians assembled to peacefully protest the Rowlatt Act, issued by the British administration to secure "emergency" powers for itself.

Black and Tans:  paramilitary established by the Royal Irish Constabulary from 1920-21 to suppress the Irish Republican Army and supporters of Sinn Fein

Moloch:  a Semitic god to whom children were sacrificed; see 2 Kings 23:10

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