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Letters to an American Lady

  1. Describe Mary (the recipient of the letters)?

  2. What were some of her concerns?

  3. How did Lewis respond to them generally?

  4. Select one of the topics below, which Mary raised, and look at Lewis's comments regarding it.  What do you think of his response? 

    Dryness in prayer - March 31, 1958  
    Security vs. dependence on God - Dec. 16, 1955; Dec. 10, 1962 
    Nasty people - March 10, 1954  
    Death - June 17, 1963 
    Forgiveness - July 21, 1958; Oct. 28, 1960 

  5. What new aspect of Lewis's life or character did you discover from his letters?

  6. What did Lewis think about Christmas?

  7. What did Lewis think about letter writing?

  8. The heavy amount of correspondence was a constant burden to Lewis.  He wrote by hand and felt obligated to answer every letter.  Yet, collections of his letters have become a major part of his legacy.  What burdensome responsibility do you face, which may become a blessing to others or a part of your legacy?

  9. Whom might you encourage through a letter or phone call?

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