The Four Loves
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In The Four Loves, C. S. Lewis explores the various types of human love and affection based on the four separate Greek words for "love" -- storge (affection), philia (friendship), eros (sexual love), and agape (charity or selfless love). 

In some ways, this book is a companion to Till We Have Faces, which illustrates through fiction many of the Lewis's concepts regarding the nature of love.

At the request of the Episcopal Church, C. S. Lewis recorded an audio version of the last four chapters of the The Four Loves.  While it doesn't follow the written text word for word, it is an enriching experience to hear Lewis himself read his work.  The audio version is available from The Episcopal Media Center in Atlanta and other booksellers.

Regarding the study guides, we divided some of the meatier chapters into two sessions.  As the pagination varies depending on the edition, we attempted to indicate as clearly as possible where we were breaking the chapter.  Many thanks to Patricia Poret, a long-time member of the Chapel Hill C. S. Lewis Book Club, for her assistance in researching the notes and drafting questions for this study guide.