Bk IV -- Ch 11
Bk IV -- Ch 11 E-mail

Mere Christianity

Book IV
Ch. 11 - The New Man

[Note:  This chapter was not one of the original radio broadcasts.]

  1. What is the Next Step in the development of man according to Lewis? How does this step differ from natural, evolutionary processes?

  2. How does Lewis describe the new men and women? Which, if any, of the traits surprise you? Do you know anyone who fits this description?

  3. Lewis argues that when we become new men/women and lose ourselves in Christ, we will not become cookie-cutter people. Rather, we will become more truly ourselves. How does he use light and salt to illustrate this point? What is the limitation of the illustration?

  4. What is the first step to getting a real personality?  Why?

  5. Read the last paragraph of chapter 11. Find a sentence in which Lewis essentially restates Jesus' words from the following verses: 

    Luke 9:23  

    Luke 9:24 

    John 12:24 

    Matthew 6:33 

  6. When you look to yourself, what will you find? When you look to Christ what will you find?

  7. Reflecting back on your study of Mere Christianity, list some thoughts that were meaningful to you.


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