Bk III -- Ch 9 & 10
Bk III -- Ch 9 & 10 E-mail

Mere Christianity

Book III
Ch. 9 -- Charity

[Note:  This chapter was not one of the original radio broadcasts.]

  1. How has the meaning of the word "charity" changed over the years? What is the Christian sense of the word? How is it used in conversation today?

  2. What does Lewis say about "liking" someone?

  3. How can "liking" someone potentially conflict with exercising charity towards him/her?

  4. Can one's temperament be a sin? What should the more reserved personalities do about the virtue of charity?

  5. After distinguishing between feelings and an act of the will, what rule does Lewis recommend? Consider 1 John 3:18.

  6. Why do the seemingly insignificant decisions we make every day carry great importance?

  7. Regardless of our feelings, what is true of God's love for us?

Book III
Ch. 10 - Hope

[Note:  This chapter was not one of the original radio broadcasts.]

  1. There is an old quip -- "he is so heavenly minded that he's of no earthly good." Would C.S. Lewis agree? Why or why not?

  2. What should we aim at?  Why?  Consider Matthew 6:33 and Colossians 3:1, 2.

  3. According to Lewis, why do we find it difficult to want heaven?

  4. According to Lewis, we have deep longings for something of which we get a fleeting taste, only to have it fade away in reality. What are two wrong ways of dealing with this recurring disappointment?

  5. The Christian approach recognizes that creatures are not born with desires unless _______________________________.

  6. If a desire cannot be satisfied in this world, what does that suggest to Lewis?

  7. What desires do you have that will not likely be satisfied in this world but perhaps in the next?

  8. What are some practical ways we can keep alive our desire for our true country?


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