Bk III -- Ch. 5 & 6
Bk III -- Ch. 5 & 6 E-mail

Mere Christianity

Book III
Ch. 5 - Sexual Morality

  1. What distinctions does Lewis make between chastity and the social rule of modesty or propriety? 

  2. If you break the rule of propriety ... 

    a.  to excite lust, you are ______________________    
    b.  out of ignorance or carelessness, you are __________________
    c.  to shock or embarrass, you are ________________________

  3. How does Lewis define "the old Christian rule of chastity"? Do our instincts agree with it?

  4. How does Lewis use the analogy of food to illustrate how the sexual instinct has gone awry?

  5. In what way would Christianity agree that sex is nothing to be ashamed of? In what way would it disagree?

  6. List the three reasons Lewis gives why it is difficult to desire complete chastity?

  7. What is the best thing to do when faced with a seemingly impossible task? What is the fatal thing?

  8. Lewis does not consider un-chastity the supreme vice. What sorts of sins are more serious?

Book III
Ch. 6 - Christian Marriage

[Note:  This was not one of the original radio broadcasts.]

  1. Why was Lewis reluctant to speak about marriage?

  2. While churches take various positions regarding divorce, on what do they agree?

  3. How does the virtue of "justice" (introduced in Book III, ch. 2) fit in with marriage?

  4. What is the danger of basing marriage on "being in love"?

  5. According to Lewis, what happens when we try to live on thrills? What happens what we allow thrills to fade away?

  6. Did Lewis believe the Christian view of marriage and divorce should become the law of the land? What did he propose?

  7. What reason does Lewis give for the husband being the head of the house? Do you agree/disagree? Consider Ephesians 5:21-33 and Genesis 2:18-24.


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