Bk II -- Ch 5
Bk II -- Ch 5 E-mail

Mere Christianity

Book II
h. 5 - The Practical Conclusion

  1. What happens when we share in the humility and suffering of Christ? Consider 2 Timothy 2:11; Romans 6:3-11.

  2. What three things does God use to spread the Christ-life to us?

  3. Why is Lewis able to take this on the authority of Jesus Christ? Do you struggle with accepting a premise on the authority of an eyewitness? A scientist? Jesus Christ?

  4. How does Lewis use the analogy of physical birth to explain how spiritual life begins? How is spiritual life maintained or snuffed out?

  5. What happens to a living human being when it is injured? What comparison does Lewis draw to a Christian?

  6. Why might a non-Christian try to be good?  What about a Christian?

  7. How does Lewis explain the phrase Christ "in them"?

  8. According to Lewis, what does God think about matter?

  9. What does Lewis say about those who have not had an opportunity to believe in Christ? What does he consider the reasonable course of action for those who share this concern?

  10. Using a WWII analogy, why does God delay taking enemy-occupied territory by force according to Lewis?


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