Bk II -- Ch 3 & 4
Bk II -- Ch 3 & 4 E-mail

Mere Christianity

Book II
Ch. 3 - The Shocking Alternative

  1. How does Lewis illustrate the idea that something can be in accordance with God's will in one way, but not in another?

  2. Why would God give humans free will?

  3. What is the happiness God has designed for us?

  4. How did Satan (the Dark Power) go wrong?

  5. Why can't we find happiness apart from God?

  6. According to Lewis, what three things did God do to counteract Satan?

  7. Why was Jesus' claim to forgive sins so shocking?

  8. Why will it not work to label Jesus as "a great moral teacher"?


Book II
Ch. 4 - The Perfect Penitent

  1. What was Jesus' main reason for coming to earth?

  2. What is the central Christian belief or formula about Christ's death?

  3. What distinction does Lewis make between the central Christian belief and the various theories of how atonement works? [If you are curious about some of the theories of atonement, see "Additional Notes on Atonement."]

  4. How does Lewis describe fallen man?

  5. What is repentance according to Lewis?

  6. What is the difficulty with repentance? According to Lewis, how does God help us repent?

  7. How does Lewis respond to the argument that suffering and dying was easy for Jesus because he was God?  Do you think it was easy for Jesus?  Consider Isaiah 53; Matthew 27:26-54; Luke 22:40-44; Hebrews 2:10, 14-18; Hebrews 4:15.


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