Bk II -- Ch 1 & 2
Bk II -- Ch 1 & 2 E-mail

Mere Christianity

Book II

Ch. 1 – The Rival Conceptions of God

  1. According to Lewis, what do Christians not need to believe about other religions? Why is Christianity more liberal than atheism?

  2. What is the first big division of humanity that Lewis makes?

  3. What is the second division?

  4. What does Pantheism teach about goodness and God?  About the universe and God?

  5. What does Christianity teach about goodness and God?  About the universe and God?

  6. Why does Lewis call Christianity "a fighting religion"?

  7. What was Lewis's earlier argument against the existence of God? What was the problem with his argument?


Book II
Ch. 2 - The Invasion

  1. What is the "Christianity-and-water" view?  What is wrong with it?

  2. What does Lewis observe about those who want Christianity to be simplified?

  3. What problem does Lewis identify?

  4. What two views account for all the facts?

  5. What is the catch with Dualism?

  6. In real life, why are people cruel?

  7. How does Lewis make his case that the Bad Power is not independent?

  8. Do you agree/disagree with Lewis's view of evil as a parasite?

  9. In what way does Christianity agree with Dualism? In what way does Christianity differ?

  10. Using Lewis's analogy of "enemy-occupied territory," what is the purpose of going to church? (Imagine for a moment the power of this analogy on the original listeners when the talk was broadcast January 18, 1942.) How might we "sabotage" the enemy today?

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