Bk I -- Preface & Ch. 1 & 2
Bk I -- Preface & Ch. 1 & 2 E-mail

Mere Christianity


  1. What help does Lewis specifically not offer?  Why?

  2. What does he mean by “mere” Christianity?

  3. What did Lewis observe about those at the center of their  communion (i.e. denomination)?

  4. How does Lewis use the word “Christian”?

  5. Explain the analogy of the hall and the rooms.

  6. What guidance does Lewis give for selecting a room off the hall?

Book I

Ch. 1 – The Law of Human Nature

  1. How does quarreling differ from an animal fight?

  2. Do you think the Law of Nature transcends civilizations and ages?  Why or why not?

  3. What does Lewis observe about people who say they don’t believe in a real Right and Wrong?

  4. What two points does Lewis conclude with?


Book I

Ch. 2 – Some Objections


[In this talk, Lewis addresses some questions that came in from BBC listeners.] 

  1. How does Lewis distinguish Moral Law from a herd instinct?

  2. What is the most dangerous thing we can do with a natural instinct or impulse?  Why?

  3. How does Lewis distinguish Moral Law from social conventions?

  4.  If you were to compare Christian morality with that of the Nazi regime, what would you be admitting?

  5. How does Lewis distinguish between differences of belief about facts and moral advancement?




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