How to Use the Study Guides
How to Use the Study Guides E-mail

These materials will be useful to -

Small groups -  The materials were originally written for use in a book club and have also been used in adult Sunday school classes.

Individuals -  Some of Lewis's work, such as Letters to Malcolm, may be useful as a supplement to devotional reading.

Homeschool -  Lewis's novels can help high school students satisfy literature requirements and his apologetic works assist in shaping a Christian worldview.

The questions are a mixture of several types -

  • Content-related questions intended to direct the reader's attention to key points. They don't necessarily lend themselves to triggering a lively discussion.
  • Open-ended questions that solicit the reader's opinion of an argument Lewis poses. These will engender discussion.
  • Application questions designed to promote personal reflection and application to daily life.

Feel free to use those questions that best suit your purpose and omit others.

Following Lewis's example in Mere Christianity, the study guides are intended to be denominationally neutral, but may fall short at times.  Please adapt the materials as needed for your branch of the Christian faith.

Permission is given to make up to 30 copies of a study guide for noncommercial use with a small group, Sunday school class or educational class.