Book X & Summary
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Book X – The Regress

1.  The pilgrims retrace their steps going east this time.  However, the terrain looks very different.  List some of those differences.

2.  Why is Mr. Sensible’s house no longer visible?

3.  How is containing blackness in a walled hole an act of service on the part of the Landlord?

4.  List the five arguments the witch makes to lure John into drinking from her cup.  

5.  Why do you think Vertue is sent to slay the Southern Dragon and John the Northern Dragon?

6.  As we learned in Book I, chapter 3, the brook—like the Jordan River—is a metaphor for death.  How have John and Vertue changed?


1.  How does Puritania differ from Mother Kirk?

2.  Which character intrigued you the most and why?

3.  Which character did you most identify with and why?

4.  Have you journeyed more in the North or the South?

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