Books VIII & IX
Books VIII & IX E-mail

Book VIII – At Bay

1.  Describe the very different ways that John and Vertue respond to Wisdom’s teaching of pantheism.  What would be different if all were One?

2.  How does the Man help John?  Do you believe Christ can influence and aid a person prior to his/her acknowledgement of him as Savior?

3.  How does John’s pantheism segue into theism as he prays while inching precariously along the edge?

4.  The Man reappears in response to John’s prayers.  What is meant when the Man tells John he cannot have it both ways?

5.  What do the Rule and pictures represent?  How do the shepherds and the Rules fit together with the pagans and the pictures?

6.  How does Lewis see courtly love from the Middle Ages and 19th century Romantic love of nature as tools of the Landlord?  How do the Romantic pictures differ from the pagan pictures and courtly love?

Book IX – Across the Canyon

1.  What is meant by the statement made by the “appalling face”: “The cure of death is dying”? (Consider also the epigraphs.)  

2.  The characters John has met on his pilgrimage appear as wraiths on the bank of the pool and attempt to dissuade John from diving in.  Which of these arguments against salvation have you heard in today’s world?

Which characters are absent from the line up?  Why might Lewis have excluded them?

3.  What does the guide Slikisteinsauga show John and Vertue about the Island?  

4.  What is next for the two pilgrims?

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