Questions for Discussion
Questions for Discussion E-mail

1.  What did Father Calabria originally write to C. S. Lewis about?


2.  What topics did Lewis and Father Calabria cover?

3.  A recurring theme throughout the letters is church unity.  See e.g. Letter 5.  Read also John 17.  What are Lewis’s thoughts on unity?

4.  In Letter 7, Lewis cautions about not letting concerns over the fate of the larger world cause one to ignore the needs close to home.  How might you apply this advice to your day-to-day life?

5.  In Letter 9, Lewis comments on his home life and his thoughts that his writing talent was waning.  How did this strike you?

6.  Notice the growing intimacy between the correspondents.  At what point did you notice a shift in tone?

7.  How does Lewis handle the difference in Catholic and Protestant doctrine?  E.g. the Pope, Mary

8.  C. S. Lewis comments on then-current global events.  Which ones?  Any surprises?

9.  In Letter 16, Lewis shares his awareness of the forgiveness of sin.  Does this surprise you in man like Lewis?

10.  Describe the distinction Lewis draws in Letters 23 & 26 between pagans and post-Christians.  

11.  Lewis states in Letter 24 that “all the crimes which Christians have perpetrated against each other arise from this, that religion is confused with politics.”  Do you agree/disagree?  What steps might we take to prevent such confusion?


12.  We read in Letters 17, 31, and 34 about major losses in Lewis’s life (Father Walter Adams and wife, Joy).  What do these letters reveal about Lewis’s sorrow?

13.  Lewis mentions several of his books briefly.  He struggles with a book on prayer in Letters 19 & 22.  He mentions The Four Loves in Letter 30.  He sends a Narnia book in Letter 15.  What do you observe about Lewis, the author? 

14.  What do you think about how Lewis disposed of Father Calabria’s letters?

15.  Biblical quotations and paraphrases permeate these letters (usually without citation!).  What does this suggest to you about Lewis?

16.  What new aspects of Lewis did you learn?  Are there any aspects which you have not observed in his English writings?

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