Chapter 3
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The Abolition of Man

Chapter 3



1.  What does Lewis see as a consequence of humanity’s power over nature? 

While this has occurred to some degree throughout the ages, what two factors make the present age different?

2.  Describe the Conditioners.  What motivates them?

3.  What happens to the notion of “duty” and “good”?

4.  How does man’s final conquest prove to be the abolition of man?

5.  Lewis doubts whether there has ever been somebody who stepped outside traditional morality, attained power, and used that power benevolently.  Can you think of one?


In the absence of the Tao, what are you left with?

6.  What happens when one makes the magician’s bargain to obtain power?  

How does belief in objective value—such as the Tao—guard against this?

7.  What relationship does Lewis see between magic and science?


Lewis proposes a new Natural Philosophy (or regenerate science).  What might that look like?

8.  What is the danger of repeatedly trying to see through things?


9.  Over 70 years have passed since Lewis wrote The Abolition of Man.  Are his concerns still relevant today?  Have any of his fears come to pass?

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