Chapter 7
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The Problem of Pain

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Human Pain, continued

1.  "If suffering is good, ought it not to be pursued rather than avoided?"  What part of suffering is good?

2.  List the four steps that occur in a fallen and partially redeemed universe?

3.  Explain how a person may serve God as a son or as a tool.

4.  What conclusions does Lewis make about ascetic practices such as fasting?

5.  Why does Lewis believe that utopia will not be ushered in through social or economic reform?

6.  What does Lewis mean when he says: "Our Father refreshes us on the journey with some pleasant inns, but will not encourage us to mistake them for home."?

7.  In his final point (#6), Lewis claims that pain is the only type of evil that is disinfected or sterilized-in other words, it is not contagious.  He explains that error and sin can breed more trouble, but pain usually solicits pity from spectators.  Do you agree/disagree?


Marlowe's lunatic Tamburlaine:  refers to Christopher Marlowe's 1587 play Tamburlaine the Great

            Farewell, my boys! My dearest friends, farewell!
            My body feels, my soul doth weep to see
            Your sweet desires depriv'd my company,
            For Tamburlaine, the scourge of God, must die.

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