A Slip of the Tongue
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"A Slip of the Tongue"

January 29, 1956

From Walter Hooper's introduction:

"A Slip of the Tongue" was the last sermon Lewis preached.  It was given at the invitation of the Chaplain of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Father C.A. Pierce, in the college chapel at Evensong on 29 January 1956.  Unlike Magdalen College, Oxford, the Cambridge college is quite small, and its chapel, a perfect little gem by candlelight, is indeed tiny.  Even so, the Chapel Register reveals that it was crowded with so many people - one hundred - that extra seats had to be brought in.

1. What was the "slip of the tongue" Lewis made while praying the prayer for the fourth Sunday after Trinity? How did the mistaken order of the words reflect what sometimes went on in Lewis's heart?

2. What, if any, temporal things are you guarding from claims of the eternal?

3. How are we like taxpayers? In reality, what does God demand of us?

4. What happens when we try to keep an area of life for ourselves?

5. On what subject do Heaven and Hell speak with one voice? What significance does Lewis attach to this?

6. How can the "craving for limited liability" be addressed? Will we be successful in defeating it this side of heaven?

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