On Forgiveness
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"On Forgiveness"

August 28, 1947


1.  Lewis says that belief in the forgiveness of sins is not easy.  It can slip away if we don't keep polishing it up.  Do you have a hard time believing in the forgiveness of sins?  Why?

2.  Describe the distinction Lewis makes between "forgiving" and "excusing."

3.  What are Lewis's two remedies for the danger of being satisfied with excuses?

4.  How does acceptance of excuses differ between "God and us" versus "us and others"?

5.  What does it mean for a Christian to forgive the inexcusable?

6.  Which do you think is harder: forgiving a single great injury or forgiving daily repeated irritations?

7.  What is Lewis's advice for the occasions when we find it hard to forgive?

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