Learning in War-Time
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"Learning in War-Time"

October 22, 1939

1.  What question transcends even the question of studying during war-time?

2.  What is the "true perspective" from which Lewis views WWII ("the present calamity")?

3.  What activities might we (21st century Americans) postpone in the face of uncertainties?

4.  You don't stop being human upon conversion or enlistment.  Lewis suggests that certain appetites will be met.  What does he mean?

5.  What distinction does Lewis make between dying for a nation as opposed to living for a nation?

6.  How does one's occupation/vocation become spiritual?  In God's eyes, is one job valued more than another?  Consider 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.

7.  List the three "enemies" raised up by war and the response Lewis suggests?  Which one(s) do you experience?

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