The Weight of Glory and other addresses
The Weight of Glory and other addresses E-mail

The Weight of Glory
and other addresses


There are nine addresses in this collection, given by C. S. Lewis between 1939 and 1956.  Several were originally sermons, including the last sermon he preached.

When might a book club or small group select a collection of short works to read?  When you wish to sample Lewis on a variety of topics.  Or perhaps during a period of high absenteeism such as the summer vacation season.  With a collection such as this (or The World's Last Night also available at this website), you don't have to worry about continuity.  Each chapter stands alone. 

One year, the Chapel Hill group paired an essay by C. S. Lewis with a biographical sketch about him from James Como's collection C. S. Lewis at the Breakfast Table (reprinted as Remembering C. S. Lewis).  Be creative; the rewards from reading these short works are great.