Chapter 2 - Wrestling with Science
Chapter 2 - Wrestling with Science E-mail

Lewis Agonistes:
How C. S. Lewis Can Train Us
To Wrestle with the Modern and Postmodern World


1.  Describe the "top to bottom" view of reality.  When did the view of reality shift to "bottom to top"? 

2.  In what way are the Genesis creation account and the theory of evolution both myths?  Why do adherents of each view hold tenaciously to their respective positions?

3.  What role did the following "fathers of modernism" play in developing a "bottom to top" view?

  • Darwin

  • Freud

  • Marx

  • Nietzsche

4.  Which view ("top to bottom" or "bottom to top") do you find most persuasive?  Why?

5.  What is C. S. Lewis's "argument by desire"?

6.  What does C. S. Lewis call the Tao?

7.  What reasons does C. S. Lewis give for religion not evolving?

8.  Describe Kant's Enlightenment Project.  Do you think revelation (e.g. ten commandments; Sermon on the Mount) is a stronger foundation for ethics than reason?

9.  Why do you think some people have trouble accepting a super-natural explanation and will prefer a "scientific" explanation no matter how far-fetched?

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