August 9
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Saturday - the journey home - Part 2

Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things. 
Psalm 98:1

And truly God has done marvelous things on this trip.  May the memory of them be enough to prompt me to sing a new song-not one of worry and anxiety-but one of praise and celebration.

During my 50-minute subway ride to Heathrow, I sang hymns.  It was so early the car wasn't crowded.  Besides, the noise drowned me out.  I started running out of songs whose lyrics I could remember and ended up singing Christmas carols.  It felt good to be going home and my body was cooperating.

I got through baggage check successfully and made weight.  The night before I went through all my stuff, throwing away unnecessary wrappers and brochures and worn out clothing.  I needed to be under 50 pounds or pay extra.  With all the books I purchased that looked iffy, but I made it.  At the security checkpoint, my applesauce was flagged.  I pulled out the letter from the doctor about needing it to swallow medication.  Hooray, I was allowed to keep my applesauce.  Then finally, free of my suitcase, I could wander through the shops until time to board.  I had £30 to spend.  I purchased some water and pretty dishes from Harrods for my co-workers, and still came home with £12.  Maybe a start toward the next trip!

On the plane, I was seated next to a young Japanese-American man returning from a mission trip in Uganda.  He pulled the Chronicles of Narnia from his backpack to read on the flight.  I leaned over and said, "Good choice."  As it turned out, this man had been a member at the church where I work.  What a small world!

This time my seat reclined.  I fell asleep during the movie and found my books better company in the end.  Going through RDU security took 30-40 minutes.  I was antsy to see Charles.  The air conditioning wasn't working.  Huge fans were set up to circulate the warm air.  The computer used to process non-US citizens broke down.  I felt sorry for those passengers.  They were in for a long wait.  However, the break down freed up more officers to process the US citizens.  I was eager and full of smiles to sail down the hallway toward Charles.  It was a memorable trip, but home is best.