August 8
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Friday - the journey home - Part 1 London

I ate a light breakfast with Paul Vitz and Angela and some others.  My travel jitters were starting to get a hold of me.  All else has gone well this trip.  Please, God, may the journey home go smoothly.

It helped that I shared a cab to the coach station with Corey-a steady, familiar presence.  The station was an outdoor affair consisting of a series of awnings, no building.  When the coach for London arrived, there were barely enough seats for everyone.  I enjoyed the ride, first gazing at the rural scenery and later trying to spot landmarks as the coach slowly weaved through the London streets.

My bigger problem was the Underground.  After waiting half an hour at the ticket window, I learned that I could not purchase tomorrow's ticket in advance.  Moreover, the station closest to my bed & breakfast (Russell Square) is closed on Saturday.  I would have to drag my heavy luggage to a station further away.  Exiting the Underground was a chore.  No elevator or escalator at this station.  Thankfully, a stranger picked up the bottom of my suitcase and together we hauled it up a long flight of stairs.  Perhaps an angel in a business suit?

When I arrived at the B&B, the clerk gave me a room on the 4th floor.  The nearest bathroom was on the 3rd floor, and the steps from the 3rd to 4th floor were narrow and circular, reminiscent of the church tower in Oxford.  The room itself was tiny and overlooked the tarred roofs of neighboring buildings.  I felt like I was in the maid's garret from a Dickens novel.  The clerk must have noticed my consternation, for when I descended 30 minutes later to go to the British Museum she talked of moving me to a lower floor.  Upon returning in the evening, they had me in a ground floor ensuite room.  Thank you, Lord!  And as if I hadn't realized who had provided this unexpected blessing, there on the bookshelf above the bed was a copy of Lyle Dorsett's The Essential C. S. Lewis.  I felt as though God was dropping hints throughout the day that he was by my side and would see me through.

With just one afternoon for sightseeing in London, I chose to walk to the British Museum.  The archeologist I met (see August 4) gave me a list of things to see.  I found and purchased the book she recommended titled The Bible in the British Museum.  I spent most of my time in the Assyrian section and the Parthenon.  Having recently studied the Old Testament book of Nahum, seeing the Assyrian artifacts first-hand was meaningful. 

On the way back to the B&B, I stopped by Holburn tube station to plot my path for tomorrow.  I was pleased to see escalators at this station.  Tomorrow I get to go home and see Charles again!!!